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5 Tips That Can Improve an Elderly Loved One’s Sleep

By | Sleep
5 Tips That Can Improve an Elderly Loved One’s Sleep

Can you still recall the last time you actually had a good night’s sleep? What do you think were the factors that contributed to it?

There’s no argument that getting enough hours of sleep is important for our overall health. But, obtaining it is not always easy. Most of the time, we only settle for the amount and quality of sleep that is available to us.

Well, that shouldn’t always be the case. KB Healthcare Services has compiled several suggestions that should enhance the way you or your loved one experience sleep.

To get started on implementing a solution, it’s important to:

  1. Identify the problem.

    There are many factors that can cause sleep disruption. Among the several that you may be familiar with include a noisy ambiance, an uncomfortable space, or etc. It’s not always the same thing for everyone. But, as soon as you manage to identify what is behind your loved one’s sleeping problems, the sooner you will be able to work on a sound solution.

  2. Reinforce the proper schedule.

    It’s okay to take naps during the day as it revitalizes an older adult’s energy. But taking one too many naps (and at longer periods) can, without a doubt, destroy your elderly parent’s sleeping schedule.

    To avoid this, you should encourage your loved one to sleep in the same hour every night. Doing so will ensure that they are well-rested when they wake in the morning, removing the need to take a nap during the day.

  3. Check the temperature.

    Does your senior loved one feel uncomfortable or hot before bedtime? Then perhaps a nice shower or bath will refresh their senses and make them more ready to sleep. Personal care in Virginia often comes with bathing assistance, so be sure to sign up for it.

  4. Clean the room.

    Stress is one of the things that can keep anyone awake. And one of the main causes of stress in the home is an untidy environment, wouldn’t you agree?

    Unfortunately, cleaning takes a lot of time and effort; something that you, a working adult, might not always have on hand. But not to worry! You can request for elderly care in Herndon, Virginia and have homemaking services at the same time. Finally, with surroundings that are in order, your loved one should have an easier time relaxing and dozing off.

  5. Play the tracks.

    If your loved one is a light sleeper, there is a great chance that even small, sudden noises wake them from slumber.

    The obvious answer to this dilemma would be to reinforce a quiet and calm atmosphere in the bedroom. However, if the outside noises are out of your imminent control, you can always play a track of soothing melodies. These soft notes won’t just be able to block out the unwanted noises, but they will also be able to lull your loved one into dreamland more easily.

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4 Ways You Can Keep a Senior Loved One Hydrated

By | Senior Care
4 Ways You Can Keep a Senior Loved One Hydrated

In a day, do you think your senior parent drinks enough water? If not, then you should take action to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Dehydration is a serious concern among the elderly. If it is not given a remedy at an earlier time, it can give rise to health complications such as increased blood pressure, dizziness, falls, and etc. In any case, it is definitely a cause for concern.

KB Healthcare Services has a couple of suggestions that will help you protect your loved one from dehydration:
  1. Give them a water reminder

    Often times, when a senior loved one is busy with a task, they tend to forget to have a drink. To remedy this, you can set an alarm that should remind them to chug down a glass of water at different time intervals. You can also make use of an app on your smartphone, or you can obtain personal care in Virginia from us and one of our skilled carers will personally remind your loved one to have a drink.

  2. Serve them a drink with every meal

    This tip comes with a lot of benefits. For one, it is able to improve your loved one’s state of hydration. But that’s not all! By giving your parent a drink during meals, it also lessens their risk of choking and overeating (as it helps them feel full longer without filling them with unneeded calories).

    Aside from plain water, you can also go for unsweetened teas and fruit juices. These drinks come with flavors that act as a palate cleanser. At the same time, they also give your loved one’s health a boost with the number of nutrients that they contain. (If you need meal preparation and elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives.)

  3. Provide them a bowl of soup alongside other dishes

    Aside from plain water, teas, and fruit juices, a healthy broth also makes as a good source of hydration. How can it not be? Soups often come with a collection of vegetables (making it a fiber-rich dish). On top of that, it is quite easy to digest too, since everything in it has been reduced to soft, bite-size pieces.

    Selecting soups that can be prepared from packets might be an easier option, but it is not always a healthy one. Instead, you should resort to soups that are made at home. Home-cooked meals are not only free of preservatives, but they are also a lot more savory too!

  4. Present them a glass of fruit smoothie or shake

    Do you always have a hard time when it comes to selecting healthy deserts for your loved one? Well, this might be the answer you’re looking for.

Fruit shakes and smoothies are not only tasty and easy to prepare, they are also packed with the ability to improve hydration!

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