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Senior Care

Senior Care: Tips for Caregivers

By | Senior Care

Senior Care: Tips for Caregivers

Even after completing several caregiving training programs, there are still instances where caring for a senior can be emotionally and physically challenging. No matter how selfless the act of caring for another individual can be, there are times when you need to deliver quality healthcare services.

Here are some of the tips our professionals recommend for caregivers when providing elderly care in Herndon, Virginia:

  • Create a comfortable environment.
    Home Care allows seniors to stay in the peaceful atmosphere of their home. That’s why, as a caregiver, make sure that you do your light housekeeping duties to help maintain its cleanliness and make certain they are safe whenever they want to move around.
  • Pay attention to their needs.
    Most seniors want to follow a familiar routine. As a caregiver, you have particular steps in your care routine, and if you notice patients are uncomfortable with your ways. Hear their preferences, and as much as possible, try to agree with them. Observe safety at all times.
  • Support their want for independence.
    The natural effects of aging can sometimes make independent living for seniors harder to achieve. Difficulties with mobility and behavioral health conditions are just some of the reasons why they find it hard to maintain their independence. Senior care in our agency will help seniors achieve their need for independence. With the proper training and compassionate care, they can provide. You will be at ease to know that your senior loved ones are safe, healthy, and maintaining their independence in their homes.

Our professionals at KB Healthcare Services are capable of providing light housekeeping and personal care in Virginia for your loved ones with special needs, To know more, please talk to us.

Help Your Senior Loved Ones in Swallowing Their Pills

By | Senior Care

Help Your Senior Loved Ones in Swallowing Their Pills

It is vital for older adults to take their prescribed medication. However, a lot of them have difficulty in swallowing pills. Due to conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, taking medicines can become a challenging activity for them.

Apart from these conditions, many seniors also develop dysphagia, the medical term for swallowing difficulties. As a provider of elderly care in Herndon, Virginia, we understand the importance of taking the required medications to treat their conditions and promote their well-being. This is why we provide tips for swallowing pills that primary caregivers and nursing care providers can use to help the seniors under their care.

Here is a technique that will make swallowing their pills easier:

The Pop-Bottle Method for Tablets

This method engages the swallowing reflex, suppressing your senior loved one’s gag reflex to help them ease larger tablets into their throat.


  • As a provider of home care, you must use a flexible plastic water bottle that can be squeezed in when the senior you are caring for needs to drink.
  • Place the tablet on their tongue and let them close their lips tightly around the mouth of the water bottle.
  • Let them drink from the bottle by sucking the water in and pursing their lips. Avoid air from getting in the bottle by instructing them to cover the mouth of the bottle with their lips.
  • Let them swallow the pill along with the water.

Are you looking for senior care and Healthcare Services for your loved ones? At KB Healthcare Services, we dedicate our time and effort in providing personal care in Virginia. Don’t hesitate to set an appointment with us.